National community planning month celebrates great places

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National-Community-Planning-Month-2016October is national community planning month, and to celebrate, the American Planning Association has announced its 2016 Great Places in America campaign.

Is your neighborhood, street or favorite public space among this year’s winners? Want it to be? Engage with one of our 16 AICP certified planners at Mead & Hunt today and see how we can help you engage your community.

National Community Planning Month is a time to highlight the important role of planning in our communities. Planning can be summed up as comprehensive, community-focused and enhancing choices. While many people may not realize it, planning has a significant impact on their day-to-day life. From where they live, to how they commute, to the type of home they live in, planning plays a vital role in a person’s day.

Planners have the unique expertise to comprehensively address the impacts of today’s actions on tomorrow’s communities. Planners do not just focus on where to locate (or site) a building, but also consider how that decision impacts the safety of the community, the existing character of the community, how it impacts the environmental resiliency, and if the decision encourages social and economic diversity.

National Community Planning Month is your chance to raise the visibility of planning and to highlight the positive impact it has on your community. Check out my personal favorite here: Findlay Market, Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mark Sauer, AICP

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Mark Sauer, AICP,  delivers comprehensive and progressive planning to ensure successful project implementation. Mark uses a graphic approach to resolve complex problems; balancing effective illustrations with continuous and open communication and sound research. Mark is also a weekend warrior on Wisconsin’s Ice Age National Scenic Trail, hiking more than half the 1,200 miles since April 2014, and an active board member and student mentor through the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Urban Planning Alumni Association.

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