#OneWater: United purpose and diverse experience create a powerful combination

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The concept behind One Water is powerful. The #OneWater strategy at Mead & Hunt seeks to synchronize and mobilize the talents of all our professionals working in the hydrologic cycle to provide innovative, effective solutions to clients. Together we are more than the sum of our disparate parts. We are far more effective when we streamline our diverse experience toward a common goal. To this end, we’ve recently acquired four new team members. Though each of their experience lies in a different area, they all bring something essential to the Water Group.

Keff Kurella in our Tampa office brings experience in instrumentation and controls systems to our team. Keff is a registered professional electrical engineer who brings deep experience in the design, specification and construction of electrical, instrumentation and controls systems. Working with our other electrical engineers, Keff strategically widens Mead & Hunt’s in-house capabilities, which allows our clients to get more done within one company.

On the west coast in Sacramento, we have added Nancy Moricz to our already strong flood risk reduction capabilities. Nancy is a water resources engineer experienced in project engineering and task management. She has managed staff and projects for flood system alteration projects, bridges and environmental stewardship projects. Though Mead & Hunt already had strong flood risk reduction capabilities, Nancy’s experience reinforces our expertise in this crucial area.

Vince Geronimo in our Oakland, California office brings a relatively new capability to our One Water team with his expertise in climate change adaption and mitigation. He comes to us with a diverse work history in civil, environmental, coastal and water resources engineering. Vince’s experience as a floodplain manager leads him to use nature-based methods to reduce flood losses and protect and enhance the natural resources, while his experience in the Marine Corps makes him a dynamic planner, engineer and leader.

Finally, in the critical area of water quality, our very latest hire Chris Hill, based in our Tampa office, brings over 25 years of experience in process evaluation, preliminary and detailed design, cost estimating and construction management of drinking water treatment facilities. Chris has a wealth of national experience in this crucial area, and I’m very much looking forward to working with him on some of these important projects.

The growth in our capabilities opens new opportunities to our One Water team, helping them grow within their careers and keeping them actively engaged within our firm. But this growth goes beyond employee satisfaction—it also enhances our ability to deliver exceptional service to our clients.

That’s what this is really about—taking all these diverse skillsets and bringing them together to serve a common goal. Each of our unique experiences come together to make us stronger as a company. And when we are stronger as a company, our clients and our community reap the rewards. #OneWater.

Miro Kurka, PE, PMP

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Miro Kurka, P.E., PMP, knows water is an incredible resource. “I like leading teams and managing water infrastructure projects that make our citizens safer, wealthier and happier.” He is the recipient of the 2019 SAME Individual Industry Government Engagement Award. A retired U.S. Army officer, Miro managed the Corps of Engineers’ program in Tulsa, Portland and Afghanistan for 30 years. He enjoys traveling and meeting people.

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