How has Mead & Hunt helped to advance women in transportation?

December 1, 2017

Why do you support WTS Wisconsin?

Mead & Hunt believes in the WTS mission to guide and mentor women pursuing or advancing their careers in the transportation industry. We look for opportunities to make a difference by encouraging women to pursue careers in transportation while providing technical assistance and job resources to help facilitate their career growth. We are also excited about the opportunities for students to become involved via programs designed to guide girls into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields while ultimately providing them with a career in transportation.

How has your company helped advance women in transportation?

Mead & Hunt encourages our employees to strive to learn more about themselves, our clients, the industry and expand their technical knowledge and professional engagement. This presents opportunities for them to grow within their fields and increase their impact in the transportation industry.  We have several women who’ve grown from entry-level engineers to project managers, and have advanced women into company leadership and management positions.

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