Mead & Hunt wins three Wisconsin Engineering Excellence Awards

March 26, 2019

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) annually recognizes significant achievement in engineering design by calling out projects that have a positive impact on the surrounding community. This year Mead & Hunt’s clients and project teams were awarded three State Finalist Engineering Excellence Awards from ACEC Wisconsin.

Scott Hasburgh and Troy Pankratz

Awards were given to the Lacy Road Rural Roadway Reconstruction project, the City of Madison Metro Transit Master Plan, and the Missouri Air National Guard Jefferson Barracks Repair/Renovation of Building 29.

The Lacy Road Rural Roadway Reconstruction project created a solution that worked for and with the local community. Though local residents were originally wary of what the project could mean for the previously-rural area, Mead & Hunt worked to provide a solution that accommodated future growth while maintaining the aesthetic charm of the original corridor. The Lacy Road Rural Reconstruction project is an outstanding example of what can be achieved through community collaboration and incorporating local feedback.

Stacey Keller and Rich Lundeen

The core operation facility of Madison Metro Transit is right in the middle of Madison’s urban environment. With no significant updates since it was first designed over 40 years ago, the facility desperately needed an overhaul to accommodate current and future growth. Mead & Hunt completed a master plan that would keep pace with expansion, separate a significant source of pollution from the main facility, and serve as a strong example for urban renewal.

David Cockrum and Jeremy Bluhm

Building 29 of the Missouri Air National Guard Jefferson Barracks facilities required extensive renovation. Originally built in 1898, revamping the facility to meet all current safety standards while maintaining the historic nature of the structure was no small feat. Through attentive selection of materials and thoughtful design, this retrofit is proof that historic sites can be successfully reengineered to meet current needs while still retaining what makes them historically significant.

Each of these projects strive to better their respective communities. Mead & Hunt is dedicated to upholding the values espoused by ACEC. It is important to remember why we do what we do—to build a better world for our clients and our communities.