Be diligent and adaptable to find the right technology solution

September 11, 2019

photos of communication in circles mapped over a cityAdapting and evolving with new technology is vital to the growth of our industry. Being open to new technologies can set a growing company up for success while refusing to evolve can easily lead to failure. However, there are now so many technology solutions out there that it can be difficult to land on the right one to meet your specific needs. How do we decide what solution is right for our firm?

I recently wrote an article for Zweig Letter going over this topic, using Mead & Hunt’s experience adopting Microsoft Workspot Workstations. Adopting this solution allowed us to achieve our ambitious growth goals while still retaining the high caliber of software needs our employees require.

The article covered several key strategies for implementing the correct technology for a firm, including:

  • Evaluate the company’s needs
  • Be adaptable if a solution doesn’t pan out
  • Explore a different approach
  • Test it out!

We live in an exciting time – as technology continues to evolve, we are increasingly able to get more done faster. We at Mead & Hunt are excited to see what the future holds for us in terms of technology, and we are ready to continue adapting to meet our changing needs.

I go into more detail on how a firm can implement these strategies to find their own right-fit solution in my Zweig Letter article. You can read it here.

Andy Knauf, Chief Information Technology Officer, CITOABOUT THE AUTHOR

As CIO/Vice President, Andy Knauf securely connects Mead & Hunt professionals with clients and each other. As head of the Information Technology Department, he stays on top of the latest technologies, overseeing IT-related purchasing, anticipating future network needs and security, and identifying proactive solutions.