Shifting paradigms in the Food & Beverage industry

December 10, 2019

legs with different shoes onWhile client/consultant interactions can at times go awry, there’s often a way to circumvent the issues. To be a great consultant, you have to step into the client’s shoes and see the world from their perspective.

Greg Marconnet and Jeff Janis recently wrote an article for The Zweig Letter on this topic, leveraging their combined 67 years of experience working on the client side of the industry into valuable lessons learned for other consultants. Advice they’ve gained from this experience includes:

  • Listen to your clients, don’t simply tell them what to do. Your goal is to help the client come to the best solution for their problem.
  • Invest in relationships—clients want to work with people they know, trust, and like.
  • The devil’s in the details. While the client typically has a broader view of the project, the consultant needs to be intimately aware of the smallest project details.
  • Step into the client’s shoes. Be patient and know when to reach out and reconnect with busy clients.

Learning to let go of previously held paradigms and commit to viewing the situation from the client’s perspective can really make all the difference. You can read more on this topic here.