Rajan Sheth honored for lifetime achievement

May 9, 2018

Raj Sheth, Lifetime AchievementFor 20-plus years, Rajan Sheth has been at the helm of Mead & Hunt – an engineering and architecture firm based in Middleton, Wisconsin with offices across the country. Since being named CEO and Chairman of the Board, Mead & Hunt has grown from two to more than 30 offices and from 130 employees to 650. Additionally, revenue has increased tenfold, from $10 million to $108 million annually.

In February, Sheth was honored by InBusiness magazine as Executive of the Year and was given a Lifetime Achievement award.

To achieve his goals, Sheth argues that he doesn’t believe in leading from behind, but instead, he walks with employees.

“My recipe for success?” he asks. “Focus on your people by letting each do what each is best qualified to do. Work to better execute every project. Continuously improve operations. De-emphasize industry comparisons by setting the bar for improvement against your last high.”

In addition to positive growth, Sheth has also ensured Mead & Hunt is involved in its community and encourages employees to give back. The company provides financial incentives and paid time off to employees who volunteer for non-profits.

“One of our employees did some engineering work for the Humane Society shelter in Iowa County, and one of our employees did some work at Hoyt Park in Madison,” Sheth told InBusiness. “One went to Bolivia to work on a water supply project, and I can go on and on. That’s a big part of our culture, that we want to be a good corporate citizen wherever we are.”

Sheth plans to step out of the CEO role in the near future, but has no plans to call it quits. He will continue to be involved with the company as the chairman of the Board. Sheth has been a member of the Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Board of Directors since 2008, and is very active with the Madison College of Engineering and has served on the Dean’s Industrial Advisory Board since 2015.

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