$27M redevelopment plan 'on time' at Scottsdale Airport

January 4, 2018

As part of a year-long, $27 million project at Scottsdale Airport in Arizona, crews are redeveloping the former terminal building and adjacent office building. Construction includes a new aviation business center and two executive-size hangars that make better use of the airport property.

“After completing an update to our airport master plan and subsequent market analysis, it showed a clear need for more executive-hangar space,” said Scottsdale Airport aviation director Gary Mascaro.

Mascaro said the demand for hangar space at the airport is soaring.

“With limited land available, it was imperative that airport property be utilized as wisely as possible. This project affords us the opportunity to transform a not widely used terminal building and offer much-needed hangar space, an aviation business center and Veterans Memorial. As a general aviation airport, we do not offer scheduled or commercial airline service, so there was no need for a terminal building, but there is a need for more hangar space at our airport.”


DWL Architects + Planners Inc. is the lead architect on the project, responsible for the program and architectural design and program of the three buildings. Along with Mead & Hunt, the engineer of record, DWL Architects designed the site plan.

According to Michael Braun, executive vice president with DWL Architects, the vision for the overall project was to upgrade and enhance the existing airport terminal area by maximizing use of the available site through the development of a new, efficient aviation campus.

“The new facility will enhance services to the users, allowing the airport to compete on a national level to house modern aircraft. In order to do this, Mead & Hunt and DWL maximized the site and the program, designed a facility and campus that integrated the airport’s history and created an aviation business center.

“There are many agencies and entities involved in the development of this airport project, each with its own regulations and requirements. In collaboration with Mead & Hunt, our goal from the beginning, as the architect, was to coordinate all of the stakeholders and build consensus on the design, while making sure all the various goals were met.

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