Redmond Airport to launch new L.A. flight

April 10, 2018

Airport Growth via Air ServiceThree new direct flights to be launched this summer

More seats on more flights is making Redmond Airport one of the fastest growing airports in Oregon, airport officials say.

And more demand from passengers is good for Redmond’s no-frills, easy-to-drive-to airport. The airport flies passengers direct to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Denver.

On Monday, United will start its newest additional flight — Redmond to Los Angeles. Travelers to Southern California will then have two daily flight options on American Airlines and United. In June, United will begin a third flight to Denver and an additional flight on Saturday to San Francisco for the summer.

Having additional flights, even though most people come to Central Oregon by car, is important to the region because it draws in new businesses and visitors to the area that is remotely situated — far off Interstate 5 and three hours from a major travel hub.

“An airport is quite critical especially for an economy that is expanding,” said Trina Froehlich, a Mead & Hunt air service consultant. “Air service allows businesses to reach out to the rest of the world. In Central Oregon it plays a critical role in the development of an economy.”

The growth will continue, experts say, as long as flights remain full and carriers continue to add and maintain the routes. In a 10-year period — from 2007 to 2017 — the number of daily flights at Redmond during summer months rose from 12 to 25, said Zachary Bass, Redmond Airport director. During the winter months of January and February the number of daily flights can shrink to about 20 flights a day, Bass said.

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