Port Orange merger expected to bring more growth, local jobs

August 10, 2017

After the merger of Florida engineering firm QLH and Mead & Hunt, a national architectural-engineering consulting firm, company leaders are planning for job growth and expansion of services locally.

The companies, which officially merged on July 1, are now preparing to add onto the Port Orange office, with the expansion potentially serving as a hub for future Florida office locations. According to previous President of QLH and now Market Leader Brad Blais, the companies are looking to expand their Port Orange building by about 50%, adding another 4,000 square feet.

“For that office to double or triple in size is not out of reach by any means,” Andy Platz, president of Mead & Hunt, said. “I can easily see it double if we add a couple of the markets to it, and if we add additional services I can see it triple in size for sure, and that’s just in the short term.”

The building addition will accommodate 20-30 new Port Orange positions in the next couple of years. Blais said the building expansion should take about six to eight months; then hiring begins.

New positions to be filled will include engineering jobs and technical personnel to perform the work. Platz said they expect the company will need mechanical, structural, architectural and electrical engineers.

“This is all a direct result of the merger,” Blais said. “We certainly want to be a part of the community. Our employees live and work largely in Port Orange and the surrounding areas, and we want to continue that.”

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