Mead & Hunt Wins ACEC-MW Grand Award

January 18, 2021

DC Signal crossingMead & Hunt won the top prize of Grand Award in the Non-Design category from ACEC-Metropolitan Washington for the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) Downtown DC Multimodal Signal Optimization Project. This award serves to honor engineering projects that benefit their communities and further the engineering profession.

The project enhanced the District’s transportation system for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users, while addressing vehicular congestion and emissions.

Using DDOT’s existing optimization mechanism, the project team was able to rapidly implement proactive and equitable safety and mobility improvements on a large scale, including:

  • Installing 270 New Leading Pedestrian Intervals
  • Implementing automatic WALK signals at 29 new locations
  • Upgrading two-staged crossings to single-stage crossing
  • Updating vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle clearances
  • Coordinating signal timings for optimal bicycle progression

The Mead & Hunt project team leveraged their experience to implement these enhancements while simultaneously addressing vehicular congestion. As a result, DDOT and Mead & Hunt created a more welcoming multimodal environment where all users can safely walk, ride, and thrive. Congratulations to all involved!