Ledgeview wins planning award for Neighborhood Center District Development Plan

October 17, 2018

Ledgeview award
Accepting the award are Dustin Wolff (Mead & Hunt), Sarah Burdette (Ledgeview) and Mark Sauer (Mead & Hunt).

The Ledgeview Neighborhood Center District Development Plan and Pattern Book received a planning excellence award from the American Planning Association Wisconsin chapter on October 8th. The award recognizes outstanding achievements and innovations in planning. The organization’s goal is to increase awareness of persons and organizations whose activities advance planning in Wisconsin.

The Ledgeview NCD Development project won in the “Plan Document” category, which encompasses plan’s that are of unusually high quality and effectiveness. Overall Ledgeview NCD Development was found to be exemplary with one jurist saying, “The information was very transferable and the Pattern Book was innovative.”

In 2007 the Town of Ledgeview developed an NCD section of its zoning code and added NCDs to both the future land use and zoning maps. NCDs are strategically located within walking distance of residential areas near major transportation intersections and range in size from 5 to 40 acres. The Monroe Road NCD is designed to reinforce the positive identity of the town’s center and enhance the convenience for the residents of surrounding neighborhoods. The design establishes access for pedestrians and bicyclists as a priority.

Conceptual rendering of the Monroe Road NCD at Monroe Road (CTH GV) and Dickinson Road (CTH G), view looking south
Conceptual rendering of the Monroe Road NCD at Monroe Road (CTH GV) and Dickinson Road (CTH G), view looking south

“The NCD zoning was an important step for the town to achieve its vision for a true “Town Center” that provides a variety of pedestrian-oriented retail, office, lodging, residential and civic land uses,” said Sarah Burdette, Ledgeview Administrator. “Our award-winning NCD Development Plan and Pattern Book encourages the development of a vibrant, sustainable mixed-use area that contributes to the town’s economic viability”.

The initial focus of NCD development is in Olde School Square, located at the intersection of Dickinson Road (CTH G) and Creamery Road. This crossroads is relatively central within the urban development area of Ledgeview. Presently, Olde School Square includes several retail and service shops that cater to both local residents and surrounding communities. Similar architectural and site design elements established through Design Guidelines help create a unifying theme for the town center.

“We’re very proud of this project and impressed with how progressive the Town of Ledgeview has been. They had a vision to spark development while maintaining the character and sense of community,” said Dustin Wolff, AICP, Mead & Hunt Project Manager.

Wolff went on to explain that part of this planning project included creation of Olde School Square Design Guidelines and a design plan with recommendations to strengthen the sense of identity for Olde School Square. With the use of these new tools, the town is better prepared to implement collective community development goals in terms of quality and consistency with its existing development. The tools also provide clarity in the town staff’s communication with developers and the public regarding the intent something often difficult for small communities to do.