Mead & Hunt evolves with clients to offer full service solutions for dairy

April 23, 2018

Our clients are very innovative and always moving forward so projects can be very, very fastA lot has changed in the dairy industry since Mead & Hunt started working with dairy plants in the 1940s, the architectural and engineering firm has continued to grow and change along with its clients.

“It used to be milk and cheese, and that was it. Now products have changed so much, as well as the partners we bring into play depending on the specialty product,” said Andy Platz, President of Mead & Hunt. “Historically, we were focused on the architecture, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing – all things that go into building design. As our clients’ needs have changed, we’ve integrated the process side of our team, and beyond that, the food safety side.”

In recent years, Mead & Hunt has added turnkey delivery for dairy companies. Beyond just offering its design services, it also can offer equipment purchasing and construction management services.

“We can be flexible to respond to client needs – we’re seeing more design-build, or design and then construction management types of projects,” said Greg Marconnet, Food and Beverage Business Unit Leader at Mead & Hunt. “We can do a greenfield plant, or a renovation, big or small.”

Marconnet adds that the firm’s engineers go through sanitary design and FSMA training, so they can design plants from an owner’s perspective.

“With this training our staff can see what plant operators are going through to operate, maintain and clean the plant. We can walk in their shoes and therefore improve our design and the finished use of the building,” he says.

Mead & Hunt also has a staff industrial engineer go through workflows when designing the plant, determining how processes can be simplified to decrease costs and to deliver sanitary design that reduces the chance of contamination from extraneous operations.

While retaining its attention to quality, detail and safety, Mead & Hunt also works at a fast and flexible pace to meet its clients’ increasing speed of business.

Our clients are very innovative and always moving forward so projects can be very, very fast,” Marconnet says. The whole industry has to change as fast as the consumers and their tastes do.

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