Blues got the cup (and we made the ice)!

June 18, 2019

The St. Louis Blues hockey team has won the Stanley Cup for the first time in 52 years! Mead & Hunt is proud to be the provider of the refrigeration system that makes the ice for the Blues. Our engineers in the Fenton, MO office are very proud of their team and this project. We’re not saying the Blues won because we made the ice in their skating rink…but we’re not not saying it either…

While we would like to believe the ice was key to the Blues’ success this season, whatever the reason, we are just thrilled they won!

A few facts about the refrigeration system:

  • The system was designed, 3D modeled, and pre-fabricated into three skids that were connected on site, all by Mead & Hunt
  • Uses three Frick compressors totaling 300 tons of refrigeration
  • Has two flooded R-507 plate and frame evaporators
  • Circulates 1,900 GPM of 40% solution Ethylene Glycol at 12° F

This “cool” project is good evidence of the strong cultural ties that come with building and designing structures in our communities. The fact we designed the system makes us even more excited to see a Blues win! Congrats, Blues!!