Punny highway message boards promote safe driving habits

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Courtesy of Ohio Department of Transportation Facebook’s page

Since 2015, the Ohio Department of Transportation has grabbed drivers’ attention by adding a dash of humor in their freeway message boards. They’ve recently asked the public to participate by submitting eye-catching slogans with a focus on driver safety.

The messages cover all types of safety, from seatbelts and speeding to drunk driving and cell phones. Phrases like “Texting & driving is not wreckommended” and “It’s not a race, leave some space” bring a fresh angle to safety awareness.

ODOT’s fresh approach to messaging not only sticks in drivers’ minds because the signs are funny, but it is a witty alternative to the often-serious messages that drivers have grown accustomed to. The signs replace the standard “click it or ticket” slogans that have become commonplace – so commonplace that they have lost their effectiveness.

ODOT is engaging the public in a unique and creative way, and I’m excited to see how Ohio’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan will help motorists avoid high-risk driving behaviors. Check out ODOT’s Facebook page to see more examples of their best messages.

Are you blessed with a funny bone? Have an idea for a safety slogan that you’d like to see along your commute? Head over to ODOT’s submission page. Your message could help keep Ohio drivers safe.

Mike Ciotola, PE

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Mike Ciotola, P.E., ASSOC. DBIA, makes sure safety is woven into complex transportation projects. In his more than 25 years of experience, Mike spent 13 years with the Ohio Department of Transportation. He gets the project done, whatever it takes. Mike helps clients design interchange modifications, roundabouts, and other roadway and bridge improvements, including work on multiple Safety Design Task Order contracts. Mike says “Safety is always integral to projects. We improve the quality of people’s lives by helping our clients to design safe roads.”

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