Training engineers to rehabilitate Louisiana’s historic bridges

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Amy takes photo of the Gulf Outlet historic bridge as part of field work to develop rehabilitation recommendations.

Last year, Mead & Hunt worked with the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to release Crossing the Bayou: Louisiana’s Historic Bridges. This publication is part of the Louisiana Historic Bridge Inventory project, a multi-year effort which identified 150 historic bridges and details a process to manage their preservation. Our publication makes project findings available to the public, highlighting key historical facts and features of the bridges, many of which are movable types unique to the state and nation. To support the state’s commitment to preserve a select group of historic bridges, the DOTD’s next step is to train bridge engineers and bridge owners in historic bridge rehabilitation techniques.

Starting this April, LADOTD will host all-day interactive training sessions to educate bridge engineers and other attendees about the process for developing and implementing historic bridge projects. Attendees will learn about:

  • Preservation standards that apply to historic bridge rehabilitation
  • Guidelines for project development following the new Programmatic Agreement
  • Streamlined consultation and project review requirements

This course, presented in cooperation with the Louisiana Transportation Research Center, will highlight best practices and case studies for historic bridge rehabilitation from Louisiana and other states. To perform services for LADOTD historic bridge rehabilitation projects, engineers must attend the course.

LADOTD is sponsoring the training and will utilize experienced consultants to teach the sessions. Darrell Berry and I will jointly conduct this training. We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for engineering heritage and successful rehabilitation practices with attendees.

To learn more about the LADOTD’s commitment to the long-term preservation of Louisiana’s historic bridges, visit our previous news release and blog post announcing Louisiana’s historic bridge Programmatic Agreement.

Amy Squitieri

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Amy Squitieri, an expert in historic bridges, helps states and bridge owners balance engineering needs for safety and good function with interests to preserve the legacy of the past. “Success is when an owner can reuse their existing infrastructure in a way that’s both functional and retains important aspects of engineering heritage,” says Amy. She leads Mead & Hunt’s Environment and Infrastructure Group.

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