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To brighten your day, here’s a bit of good news! In an effort to reduce waste and improve our environment, our Middleton office started a composting program last August. Composting waste can help improve soils, grow the next generation of crops, and improve water quality.

Since we began composting last August through February of this year (only 7 months!), we have composted 517 pounds of food waste, averaging about 74 pounds/month. This equals:

  • 478 pounds of CO2 saved
  • 569 miles not driven
  • 24 gallons of gas not consumed
  • The weight of 2 refrigerators diverted from landfills

And this is a low average! We started with a mere 30 pounds the first month, jumped up to about 50 pounds the second month, and have been in the high 90s for the last few months.

So, what’s next for composting for this office? Before COVID-19, we had been paying a local small business to pick up our food scraps and do the composting. Depending on when we return to the office, we hope to hold a compost sale so the gardening and farming enthusiasts among us can purchase back compost for their own personal use and bring the effort full circle.

Some of you may compost at home, or maybe it’s something you’ve always wanted to try (now is a good time, right?) If you want to read more on the benefits of composting, here is an informational page from the EPA. Good things are still happening in the world, and life will go on. Hang in there everyone, and wash those hands!

Kathy Schumann

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Kathy Schumann connects with co-workers by sharing their stories and experiences – helping employees see how they fit into the big picture of Mead & Hunt. “I have the best job. There’s a great sense of purpose helping co-workers be engaged and challenged by their work experience,” she says. When she’s not blogging, Kathy is editing e-newsletters, building the intranet and forming Mead & Hunt running teams.

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