Transportation officials call upon Wisconsin lawmakers to “just fix it”

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Just-Fix-It_bodyLast Thursday, local officials, various organizations representing transportation stakeholders, engineers, contractors and members of the public attended Turnout for Transportation to share their concerns about the lack of funding support the Wisconsin state government is providing for transportation infrastructure. I attended the meeting held in Dane County, and the discussion was lively.

A point that many of us drove home was that stronger funding for transportation is an economic asset for communities and the state. Putting more money into transportation projects creates jobs not only for engineers, but also for contractors, material suppliers and equipment manufacturers. Good transportation infrastructure attracts businesses that create more jobs. Steady jobs means that more people move to Wisconsin and buy homes, shop in local stores, patron local restaurants and pay taxes to support our infrastructure. It has been documented that every $1 invested in transportation infrastructure results in a return of more than $3 of economic benefit. Investment in Wisconsin’s transportation system will help our economy.

Turnout for Transportation was a part of the Just Fix It campaign. Created by the Transportation Development Association, the campaign began as a movement to raise awareness about roadway deficiencies within the state. The campaign offers counties and municipalities a platform to join together and pass resolutions requesting state officials to make infrastructure improvements a priority.

We had a strong turnout, and it is clear that the people of Wisconsin want to fix the state’s roadways and bridges. As people who live and work in our communities, maintaining and investing in our transportation resources builds our neighborhoods, making Wisconsin a great place to live.

Rusty Chesmore, PE

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