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Tony-Steffee300x200I am excited to be in National Harbor, MD and Washington DC for the 2019 International Bridge Conference. Hosted by the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania, the conference will draw thousands of transportation engineers and officials from all over the world for education and networking.

I am honored to present “Safely bringing the past to life: Restoring the historic Glendale steel truss bridge in Glendale, SC” at this year’s conference. Attendees will hear the trials and triumphs of this true underdog story. Join me June 12th during the Special Interest Session from 8 am to noon to discover how this 292-foot-long iron bridge, once left to decay, has been safely restored. Furthermore, learn how this awardwinning project transformed the landscape to promote economic growth and serve as a beacon of opportunity for the local community.

I will share applications and knowledge to apply to your next bridge project, including:

  • Insight on some of the intricacies of rehabilitating a steel truss bridge
  • Design and safety considerations
  • Challenges and lessons learned
  • Ideas for repurposing historic bridges

Let’s work together to preserve the past. Drop me a note if you plan to attend the session or have your own success story. I hope to see you there!

Tony Steffee, PE

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Tony Steffee, PE has more than 17 years of experience providing project management, structural design and evaluation services. He served as the lead bridge engineer for the Glendale pedestrian bridge rehabilitation project. Tony’s experience and attributes allow for a comprehensive oversight of each project with emphasis on delivering a project with “the end” in mind.

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