The Hyperloop takes one step closer to becoming a reality

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In September, Hyperloop One narrowed down its pool of 35 Global Challenge finalists to 10 teams, making mass high-speed land transportation a possibility within our lifetimes. This is just weeks after the Hyperloop made its first successful full systems test and unveiled the prototype of the pod that will carry passengers inside the tube.

The international competition drew hundreds of proposals from government and industrial partnerships explaining why their cities, regions, or countries should host the first Hyperloop network. Hyperloop One assessed these locations’ infrastructure potential, governmental regulations, transportation concerns and, of course, the proposed routes before making their decisions.

The next step for these teams will include an in-depth analysis on the routes, including building partnerships with stakeholders and determining ridership forecasts. In fact, Hyperloop One has entered into a formal public-private partnership with the Colorado Department of Transportation to conduct a feasibility study for this brand new transportation route.

Once each location has been fully vetted, Hyperloop One aims to have three fully operational Hyperloops ready for passengers by 2021. It’s exciting to think that, within a few years, I could possibly ride a Hyperloop as an alternative to an airplane or renting a car for long-distance trips.

Jamie Bumgarner, PE

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