Will your project age gracefully?

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Man in facility looking at hand through halolensThe world of social media has currently entered a weird time warp. The question on everyone’s minds seems to be: what will my face look like 20-40 years from now? Rumors of nefarious Russian government involvement aside, the preoccupation with looking forward is understandable. As humans, we are naturally curious for a glimpse of what the future will bring. In fact, this impulse can be extremely useful in our professional lives.

Looking forward is often imperative in the work we do as architects, engineers, designers and planners. Forward-thinking solutions are something we prioritize for this reason. Through the use of visualization software such as Microsoft HoloLens, we can not only view renderings of a project before its completion, but we can also show construction progression over time—and multiple other hypothetical situations as well.

This technology is a gamechanger in our industry. HoloLens is a mixed reality platform which overlays digital models onto the real world. This tool will technologically advance the way we communicate designs and coordinate building construction. These new strategies have far-reaching ramifications as we consider how to best plan and design for all eventualities. The increasing popularity of these visualization technologies speaks to our evolving understanding of our role as designers, planners, builders.

We at Mead & Hunt are excited to adopt new technologies and strategies to better serve our clients. This technology offers a glimpse into the future of our profession. 2D drawing have in the last couple of decades quickly evolved into 2D digital drawings, 3D digital models, and now 4D mixed reality visualization.

Knowing what the present will be is no longer good enough. Increasingly we are tasked with having at least some understanding of what the future will bring. Our goal therefore needs to be to not only provide clients with workable solutions right now, but to provide something that will last well into the future.

Brett Barry

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Brett Barry is an aviation architect who believes that the best way to meet client needs is through ongoing communication, adapting solutions to fit each client’s specific challenges. His skills include effective team communication, design work, multi-discipline coordination, preparing construction documents and CAD-BIM drafting.

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