Watch a new interchange emerge from the Granite Hills

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STH 29 & CTH O InterchangeThe recently completed STH 29 interchange at CTH O is the manifestation of years of planning and design initiated to provide a safer roadway for travelers west of Wausau, Wisconsin.

This safety project included separating east and west bound traffic with a safety barrier, eliminating at grade intersections and constructing a new interchange to provide connectivity to the local road network. The new interchange includes several key environmental improvements such as structures that were designed to enhance passage of migrating fish through the interchange as well as a wetland restoration and banking site that mitigates lost wetlands while improving existing wetland habitat to promote the growth of native vegetation while reducing invasive species.

To construct the interchange and subsequent local roads, approximately 380,000 cubic yards of granite was removed from the adjacent hill side. To remove this volume of granite, contractors performed daily blasting operations, followed by continual excavation of the blasted rock and placement for the new interchange and roadway. The following photos show the interchange progress from construction to the final product.

This aesthetically pleasing interchange fits well with its surroundings, emerging from the granite hillside who’s products provided the building material to construct the interchange.

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