Sometimes it’s who you know: Great Lakes American Association of Airport Executives conference

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conference-logo-300x191pxAs many know, I started attending the AAAE Great Lakes Chapter conference as a kid with my family, and have continued the tradition by bringing my wife and children. I really enjoy it.

This year’s Great Lakes American Association of Airport Executives conference on August 6-9 is going to be one of the best, covering a wealth of very timely topics and issues affecting the aviation industry. The agenda includes airport governance, terminal technology advancements, impacts of airline consolidation and community engagement.

While everyone finds value in the technical topics, the real benefit for airport delegates is the opportunity to exchange perspectives and lessons learned with others. Small- and non-hub airports are often challenged to meet increasing needs and ever-changing regulations with very limited resources. As a result, learning about a new approach or unique solution to challenging and knotty problems can prove invaluable.

Having participated in this conference for over two decades, I can vouch that the conference culture is definitely people-focused, and there is ample time to visit with fellow attendees. Many walk away with not only a sense of what to do, but also who to call if the need arises in the future.

For more information, see Conference Brochure (PDF).

Paul Strege, PE

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Paul Strege, P.E., is Mead & Hunt’s Midwest Aviation Services Leader. He oversees and supports the operations of our aviation departments in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin to serve client needs and achieve a sustainable and growing business. Additionally, Paul is a client manager and project manager for general aviation and commercial service airports throughout the Great Lakes and Central Region.

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