A well-planned educational building enriches the learning process. We help plan, design, inspect and construct university, college and K-12 facilities to inspire learning, stimulate creativity and enhance student performance. Beginning with our design charrette process, and continuing through project bidding and construction, we work with you and your stakeholders to develop a building design that is aesthetically pleasing, functional and within your budget. In order to simplify operations and maintenance, we plan for flexibility, sustainability and ease of maintenance as basic requirements for long-term success.

During construction, we monitor progress to verify that the constructed building meets or exceeds quality specifications, while adhering to schedules based on academic calendar requirements. Our certified inspectors conduct Chapter 1 Building Inspections and Chapter 17 Special Inspections, and provide materials testing in our AASHTO Accredited Laboratory. These services give you the confidence that your project is built to code and is safe for students and staff.

With our design and construction services, the bottom line is that your students will learn in an environment that fosters high academic achievement, enhancing your competitive advantage.


Building systems design
Construction inspection
Energy audits
Lighting design
Master planning
Site design
Structural analysis
Structural design


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David Way, PE
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