Building Engineering

Our highly skilled team of engineers and designers partner with you to deliver sustainable designs that match your vision. The safety of your building systems and architecture is vital — so is the experience of the people within the building. That’s why we engage project stakeholders from inception through occupancy; we want to do more than just meet your expectations for structure and scope. We work with you to create the environment and experience you want.

Energy efficiency, operational proficiency and reliable facility performance are important to you. To meet these goals, we provide in-depth analyses of your building systems, allowing you to attain an understanding of how these systems affect occupants. We use the latest technology in sustainability so that your building is optimally energy-efficient. Whether your goal is to achieve LEED certification or simply implement efficient, effective systems, we’re here to help.


Arc Flash studies
Energy analysis
Facility assessments
Fire protection
Healthcare systems
Lighting design
Mission critical
Security systems
Technology systems


Jeff Mason, PE
Jeff Mason, PE
Architecture & Building Engineering Leader
David Way, PE
David Way, PE
Government & Building Engineering
Irina Ragozin, PE, LC
Irina Ragozin, PE, LC
Electrical Engineering
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