Growing a connected practice

36 locations and counting.

730 employees and counting.

Countless project locations.

You might be wondering how we stay connected at Mead & Hunt. I’ll tell you it’s a priority. A commitment to building a connected practice. And because nothing is flawless, we’re focused on continuous improvement when it comes to building a great place to work.

Connecting at a conference

Our employees rely on a social intranet to share ideas and resources, as well as identify shared experiences that bond us together. (I went to that school; I’ve worked for that client before; I grew up in that community; I have a cute puppy at home too!) The Station, our intranet, is where an employee in, say, Florida can ask a country full of Mead & Hunt’ers a question on best practices, or conduct a quick poll. It’s where an employee in Oregon can share what they learned from a conference with a wider audience.

And yes, it’s where we also ooh and ahh over pictures of new babies.

The intranet is just one example of how we build a connected practice. We also hold internal conferences, extensive onboarding, and more. I represented Mead & Hunt at a few career fairs this past winter and found it interesting how many students wanted to know more when I said, “As an employee, you would have the resources of 700+ others at the ready. We share everything.” Our processes are designed to bring people together so we can all effectively do our best work. Mentoring naturally occurs in this environment. The outcome is a strong One Company mindset.

Kathy Schumann

About the Author

Kathy Schumann connects with co-workers by sharing their stories and experiences – helping employees see how they fit into the big picture of Mead & Hunt. “I have the best job. There’s a great sense of purpose helping co-workers be engaged and challenged by their work experience,” she says. When she’s not blogging, Kathy is editing e-newsletters, building the intranet and forming Mead & Hunt running teams.

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