Columbus wins Smart City Challenge

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Smart-Car_bodyCongratulations to the City of Columbus for winning the Smart City Challenge. Of all the cities in the nation, my state capitol of Columbus won the bid to become the Smartest City in the nation.

How so? They will be the first city in the country to fully “integrate innovative technologies – self-driving cars, connected vehicles and smart sensors – into their transportation network.” The connectivity will impact all transportation uses: transit, bicycles, pedestrians, freight and cars. It will be a big challenge to connect forward-thinking innovations like standard and self-driving cars, sensors and electronically-projected road signs to traditional transportation, but the benefits of this infrastructure upgrade will give the people of Columbus the ability to choose the best route and mode type for their travel purposes. The outcomes will reach beyond travel and will positively impact the economy, environment and citizens.

Keeping up with technology can be difficult, but this Smart City Challenge is a great start. I am excited to see what the city will be rolling out in the next couple of years.


Jay-Hamilton-webAbout the Author

Jay Hamilton has worked in the transportation industry for over 30 years specializing in traffic safety and congestion. He recently presented a lectured entitled “Traffic Safety over the Years” and is curious as to how smart cities and smart cars will affect the way vehicles and drivers interact with one another.

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