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Being well is contagious

There’s some irony. But how true, right? Did you ever notice a friend or co-worker losing weight and decide you should start too? Or an acquaintance reveals they are seeing a counselor to better cope with stress, and you think, “Maybe I should consider that.”

Making the most of the snow

In life, a few things are inevitable. Like the fact that every Wisconsin winter brings with it at least one, major brutal snowfall – during the workweek, of course. At my house, we took a snow day. Kids, husband, and I used the fact that we were trapped in our home by a staggering amount of snow in the driveway to create own little adventures … movie marathons, Wii tourneys, and snow-fort building (after hours of shoveling and snow-blowing, of course).

Better together

You know that feeling that you’ve met someone before, or that instant connection you sometimes have with another? After the time I’ve spent with RPM employees, now part of Mead & Hunt, I can honestly say that everyone I’ve met feels like a long-lost friend. Easy to talk to. Fun to laugh with. It feels comfortable to be around them, like the comfort you get when you are able to pick up a conversation with someone you haven’t seen in years as if no time had passed.

A fresh start

I like new things – especially new years. For some reason, the thought of a fresh start is so appealing. Like there’s a clean slate out there just waiting for me to write all over it with an entire year’s worth of ups, downs, and lessons learned – a slate with plenty of room to record all the excitement just waiting to happen.

The practice of holly- and jolly-ness

Ever notice that being holly and jolly this time of year … as we’re supposed to be … can be difficult? If you’re the type to stress over the hunt for the perfect gift, what to serve at your party, or hosting loads of family members, then you know what I’m talking about. I’ve been there […]

Hope for the holidays

The bustle of the holidays is in full swing. Around here, that means the usual round of parties and year-end activities. It means sending out cards and gifts to our much-appreciated clients and partners in the business. In some locations (mine), it means snow, snow, and more snow. (I’m trying to find a reason I need to visit one of our California offices …)

Take a load off, stay awhile

The best thing about having great friends is the familiarity. When you visit their home, it’s like walking into your own. Sometimes you knock, but often you just stroll in. You plop down onto their couch without an invitation and start chatting. Even the family dog piles into your lap like you’re one of their own. You just belong in that place.

Better with age

I recently watched a presentation by a researcher who studied folks around the world who lived past 100. He identified the keys to their longevity and came up with a list of commonalities. I’m dramatically simplifying his study, but the results pointed to diet, belief systems, relationship and life balance as predictors to long life.