What’s it Like to Work Here?

The past two years, Mead & Hunt’ers across the country gathered in teams to work on one assignment: give away $300 in creative ways as a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK). Our commitment to community giving is a big part of life around here.

True to form, our RAOK teams came up with many interesting ways to bring out smiles in the folks around them. Buying lunches for the people in line ahead of them. Surprising a Girl Scout troop by purchasing all of their cookies. Paying for a student’s gymnastics fees. Covering parking costs for college students. You get the idea.

Recently, one couple who received grocery store gift cards at random from one of our employees called and asked us to share our RAOK story at an upcoming event. Although it had been over a year, the couple still remembered the generosity. What our team didn’t know at the time was the heavy personal struggle this couple was facing. Our simple act was timed perfectly.

Which goes to show – when we do good work, we can change lives.

This philosophy extends beyond acts of giving into how we interact with clients and their projects. We do unique design work for great people, and always strive to leave a positive lasting impression.

Here, we have a passion for project excellence, innovative solutions, and building friendships. To that end, we foster a work environment that gives employees space to connect, learn, create, do great work, and have fun doing it.