New water project funding released for coastal California

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It was recently announced that the Coastal Conservancy will award project grants to protect and enhance California’s coastal resources.

Many of our California clients include water management entities such as municipal water providers, raw water agencies and flood protection districts. Located in coastal counties, they benefit from coastal resources and have the potential to impact these resources. We can help apply for the grants or implement multi-benefit projects that will qualify for this funding opportunity.

California’s Proposition 1 allocates $100.5 million to the Coastal Conservancy for competitive grants for multi-benefit ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration projects.

To qualify the projects must advance at least one of four priority areas addressed by these grants. As mandated by Proposition 1, these priorities are:

  • Water sustainability – water conservation, ecosystem health, climate resiliency
  • Anadromous fish habitat enhancement – restore habitat and flows
  • Wetland restoration – ecosystem benefits, flood protection, shorelines protection
  • Urban greening – groundwater recharge, water quality, public green-space

Eligible projects must either entail:

  • Construction or acquisition of capital assets
  • Activities related to construction or acquisition, such as planning, design and engineering.

Additionally, the project must be located in one of the counties in the Coastal Conservancy’s jurisdiction (see map of eligible areas above). 

About $10 million will be disbursed through this grant opportunity. There is no requirement for a minimum local cost share. However, applications that offer at least 25 percent matching funds will receive three extra points during application review. In addition, projects with greater than 50 percent matching funds will receive five points.

The deadline for receiving applications is May 31st. More information can be found on the Coastal Conservancy’s grant website. Let me know if we can help.

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