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American Society of Civil Engineers’ 2017 report card indicates there have been no substantial improvements to this nation’s infrastructure since 1998. The poor grades issued nearly 20 years ago have not improved. This is disheartening.

ASCE researches and then issues a report card evaluating the quality of our nation’s infrastructure. They have released a new report card every four years since the inception of the program in 1998.

The newest set of scores, which came out earlier this year, predictably indicated that we have a lot of room for improvement. Even more concerning is that problems identified in 1998 continue to plague the United States. Little has been done to address this far-reaching problem.

I regularly inspect dams and hydroelectric projects for safety issues. Let me assure you that it is much more cost-effective to repair areas of concern before they reach the point where failure is imminent or has already occurred. More importantly, there are obvious public safety considerations that must be taken into account.  It shouldn’t take a catastrophic failure and loss of life for us to act.

Whether or not our nation’s infrastructure deserves the aggregate D+ grade that the ASCE assigned is certainly subject to debate. However, it is painfully clear that significant improvements have been needed for decades and collectively we have stuck our heads in the sand. We must be more proactive and less reactive. Continuing to let our nation’s infrastructure degrade without any meaningful investment is both fiscally and morally irresponsible.

Jeff Anderson, PE

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