Are your kids prepared for potential disasters?

Prepare kidsNobody wants to have to face a disaster, but it can be especially challenging for kids and teens. How can we as adults help the kids in our lives to prepare for and process these events? There are several strategies we can use:

  1. Talk it through. For kids especially, it’s important to know what to expect. Talk through your disaster plan extensively—who to call, where to meet, what to do. Repetition is vital. And while you may think discussing potential disasters would frighten kids, the opposite is actually true—kids are often calmer when they know they have a plan.
  1. Build a kit. More on how to do this can be found in our previous blog.
  1. Play a game. Children learn best through play—making preparing fun will help them remember what to do when and if they need to. You can find games for kids here—or create your own.
  1. Practice, practice, practice. As I’ve stated previously, repetition is critical. If you want your disaster plan to work correctly, it needs to become second nature. So be sure to practice it with the whole family.

You can find various resources to help kids prepare, as well as deal with the aftermath of a disaster here. Using these strategies, we can help our kids be prepared for a potential disaster—and perhaps help ourselves prepare as well.

Zac Elliott

About the Author

Zac Elliot is Mead & Hunt’s Corporate Safety Manager. He is adept in workplace safety knowledge and engages staff in training and pre-planning activities to determine potential hazards and identify mitigation opportunities.

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