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TRB-committee-website-300x171pxThe Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Historic and Archaeological Preservation in Transportation (ADC50) plays a critical role in transportation innovation in the United States. And, yet many are unaware of how they are impacted by the mission and services of the ADC50.

Over the years, we’ve posted a lot about the TRB ADC50. As the current committee chairperson, my involvement has been truly rewarding. I am able to stay in touch with colleagues and informed of emerging topics related to cultural resources.

For those not aware of what TRB ADC50 is or why it’s important, here’s a quick tour.

The TRB provides leadership in transportation innovation and progress through research and information exchange. TRB’s varied activities engage engineers, scientists, researchers and transportation practitioners, all of whom contribute their expertise to the public interest by participating in TRB standing committees.

The charge of ADC50 is to “consider the laws, regulations, policies and procedures for the preservation of historic structures and archeological materials, information and cultures.” Some key activities of the committee include:

  • Identification and promotion of research needs related to cultural resources. To date the committee has been behind several research efforts that have come to fruition, including a methodology for surveying and evaluating post-World War II residences, best practices for historic bridge rehabilitation, and climate change and cultural resources. Here are useful resources on the committee’s website.
  • Annual and mid-year meetings offer sessions and workshops that focus on emerging topics related to cultural resources and transportation. (List of past conferences).

You can check out TRB in LinkedIn by joining our Group or following the Company. You can follow TRB on Twitter @TRBofNA for all the latest news and outcomes.

Check back here, where we will provide updates for this year’s conference and the call for papers.

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