Texas Department of Transportation celebrates 100 years of service

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txdot-100-anniversary-300x232pxThis year the Texas Department of Transportation pays tribute to a collaborative history of moving people, goods across the Lone Star State. The agency is celebrating 100 years of service with exhibits, forums and events throughout 2017.

To commemorate this 100-year milestone, TxDOT invites the public to visit its centennial website. The public also is invited to “Track the Truck” following a refurbished, 27-foot-long 1918 Liberty Truck as it makes its way across the state as part of a traveling exhibit that tells the district-by-district story of the agency’s 100-year history. 

More than 600,000 miles of highway span the state — more than anywhere else in the nation — which provides TxDOT with opportunities to connect communities with their prehistory and history. Traversing these miles gives travelers a glimpse of the many facets of the state’s past.

TxDOT’s Cultural Resource Management program helps share those stories. In 2017, the group published  A Journey Through Texas and Time. This richly illustrated annual report highlights 2016 efforts to navigate the delicate balance of respecting the past with its mission of connecting Texans. The report covers cultural resource initiatives and projects in each region of Texas throughout the past year.

Our team commits to broadening our focus on outreach, innovation, technology and collaboration to help TxDOT realize its mission of connecting communities across the state.
– excerpt from A Journey Through Texas and Time

Particularly exciting is how TxDOT has enhanced access to historic and archaeological properties. For example, in partnership with the Texas Historical Commission, the Cultural Resource Management program updated the commission’s Texas Historic Sites Atlas. Touted as “history on your desktop,” this resource provides a wealth of information on historical sites across the state. TxDOT’s CRM program digitized an impressive 26,000 historic properties, 560 historic districts and 280 linear properties.

The Cultural Resource Management program also shares photos and the story behind the many historic bridges in vehicular service through Historic Bridges of Texas.

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