Stormwater challenges intersect with transportation

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In our Water Resources group, we address the way stormwater impacts the communities we serve. One of the many areas in which communities face stormwater management challenges is at airports and their environs, due to the concern of creating additional wildlife attractants with open water and habitat.  This was exactly the case for the General Mitchell International Airport Runway Safety Area Improvements.

GMIA stormwater project elements

The developed stormwater management system includes dry detention (drawdown within 48 hours), a pump station for the tunnel portion, bioswales and other stormwater best management practices, as practicable. As part of the stormwater conveyance, in addition to open channel and pipe construction, portions of a channel were enclosed in a box culvert. A portion of an existing storm sewer system was rehabilitated with a cured-in-place liner.

GMIA RSA project components

Four ends of GMIA’s two longest runways were modified to bring their RSAs into compliance with Federal Aviation Administration standards. Project components included:

  • shifting a runway
  • realigning a portion of Sixth Street (a City of Milwaukee road)
  • enclosing approximately 640 feet of County Trunk Hwy ZZ (College Avenue) in a tunnel
  • constructing new taxiways
  • extending and realigning airport service and perimeter roads – one was a perimeter road bridge over CTH ZZ

WisDOT and WDNR Administration

This major undertaking for the airport caused a lot of changes to the existing property stormwater management. It was administered under the WisDOT and WDNR Cooperative Agreement and Trans 401. Several stormwater management plans were completed for these activities as it was necessary to comply with both City of Milwaukee and Oak Creek stormwater regulations because portions of the project fell in both jurisdictions.

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