Norway water and wastewater facilities gain upgrades

The City of Norway was ready to update their water and wastewater facilities. Our experienced engineers and staff prepared Preliminary Engineering Reports and subsequent Rural Development funding applications for a $2.8 million water project and an $8.3 million wastewater project.

The water project was designed to include a new well, improvements for the distribution system, upgrades to the fluoride building, replacement of the sanitary and storm sewers and upgrades to the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) control systems. The completed preliminary plans for the wastewater treatment plant account for $4.2 million worth of improvements (treatment plant and lift stations) at the wastewater treatment plant, including a complete new headworks (screening, flow equalization, influent pump station and grit removal), upgrades to the aeration systems, new high-efficiency turbo blowers, and replacement of major electrical components.


Norway Water and Wastewater System Improvements


City of Norway

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