Levee improvements protect Sacramento’s future

The 42-mile-long Natomas levee is one of the largest U.S. flood control projects. When FEMA decertified the levee, the homes of 80,000 Sacramento County residents and $70 billion in infrastructure were reclassified as floodplain structures. Our team played a key role in the improvement program established to gain flood protection for the next 100 to 200 years. Our flood control engineers provided design, permit support, public outreach, and construction administration.

We tracked levee encroachments and planned improvements to comply with federal and state standards. Our team managed numerous projects as the owner’s engineer during construction. We designed levee penetrations, irrigation and drainage system relocations, and pumping plant reconstructions. Our civil engineers and environmental team coordinated and designed borrow sites to meet mitigation requirements. We produced more than 1,100 plan sheets and technical and bid documents.


American Council of Engineering Companies of California.
American Council of Engineering Companies of California.
Engineering Excellence Award 2013


Natomas Levee Improvement Program


Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency

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Sacramento, CA


“Mead & Hunt has a long history of providing investigation and design services to SAFCA on a number of our flood risk reduction programs and projects. This team is currently working under contract to SAFCA on the Natomas Levee Improvement Program and has consistently provided quality services."
John Bassett
Director of Engineering, Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency