Why preferred pronouns are for everyone

Preferred pronouns Mead & Hunt recently took a giant step toward inclusiveness by providing the option to apply preferred pronouns to our email signatures.

Why does this matter?

We want to encourage everyone who is comfortable to share your preferred pronouns on your email signature. The more that this is not just calling out those of us that fit in the LGBTQ+ community and our close allies, and just becomes a normal thing, the better. The point of inclusiveness is normalization, but without participation we cannot truly reach that.

I wanted to share a bit of my story with you all, so you understand why I care about this. My name is Nancy Moricz and I am a lesbian who prefers the pronouns she/her/hers. Most of you don’t know that despite how comfortable I am now with my sexual orientation, I did not come out until I was 25 and I was terrified to come out at work. I was scared about being accepted and treated the same. You may say this has nothing to do with pronouns, but it does.

Feeling accepted and like I could be my true self in the workplace is so important. That’s part of what makes Mead & Hunt special. Having the option to pick which pronouns we prefer lets people know, without having to “come out,” how we identify and offers the chance for instant allyship. I know first-hand how much happier, productive, and comfortable I feel at Mead & Hunt and workplaces where I feel comfortable and can be my true self. And we know that we have already made others within this company feel more supported and comfortable by doing this. So even if you don’t understand, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn, and it DEFINITELY does not mean you can’t support.

I encourage anyone who is comfortable to begin sharing your preferred pronouns and share helpful posts, experiences, and support whenever possible. Allied support for those around you is a fantastic gift for the holidays and a huge step on the road to inclusiveness. Additionally, this provides clarification for those with gender neutral names and removes assumptions. If you want to learn more about pronouns or just being a better ally, the UC Davis LGBTQIA Resource Center has some great information, and there are many more resources just a quick Google search away.

Nancy Moricz

About the Author

Nancy Moricz, PE, CFM, is an experienced water resources engineer with a background in flood protection, planning, safety and project management. She has a broad knowledge of water resources, loves new challenges and considers herself a “huge people-person.” Nancy enjoys job diversity and working with a variety of clients to provide personal, accessible and specialized professional relationships centered around their specific needs.

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