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Amy Russell

I loved many things about college, particularly the independence. I especially appreciated being able to pick what I wanted to study any given semester. Because my major supported a well-rounded education, I ventured into many different areas of study. Learning was exciting.

For our team here at Mead & Hunt, it still is. Our emphasis on building a learning culture has just expanded with the recent hire of our new Learning and Development Coordinator Amy Russell. Amy rounds out our team of professionals focused on growing the learning environment for our employees.

I recently interviewed Amy so we could officially introduce her to all of you.

Tell us a little about your background in learning and development.  I have almost 20 years of experience in teaching, developing training (classroom and online), and managing training programs. I have worked in a variety of industries, but this is my first venture into the world of engineering and architecture.

Talk about what drew you to this position at Mead & Hunt. Mead & Hunt not only has a long-standing reputation as a top engineering/architecture firm, but also an amazing dedication to its employees.  As a learning and development professional, I was very excited about working for a company that places such an emphasis on its employees and their growth and development.

What do you appreciate about the current programs offered through our corporate university, MHU?  There are lot of great things happening – internal conferences for employees, job-specific training, and a new Gateway to Leadership program, just to name a few.  Additionally, employees are encouraged to find training that will help them in their jobs and grow in their careers.  Training and learning is very much encouraged!

What are you looking forward to implementing in your new position?  I look forward to continuing to grow a learning culture at Mead & Hunt.  This means continuing to expand the programs we offer internally, further connecting employees to learning opportunities outside of the company, and making it easy to find both.  I am excited to meet more Mead & Hunt employees and learn from them how we can grow MHU and better help them work toward their career goals.

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