Is there still hope for hydropower licensing reform?

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left-in-the-dry-300x206pxLeft in the dry with the 114th Congress!

Back in October, I provided an update on the Energy Bill that included several provisions on Hydropower Licensing Reform. With the adjournment of the 114th Congress in December 2016, the Energy Bill was left unfinished.

As a result, any work on hydropower licensing reform will have to start again with the new 115th Congress.

It is uncertain whether hydropower licensing reform will be a priority of the 115th Congress. However, with the new Administration in the White House after January 20th, the 115th Congress will have a number of other initiatives to address in early 2017.

The National Hydropower Association is working with the 115th Congress and the incoming White House Administration to make sure provisions similar to those contained in the earlier Energy Bill are a priority.

If you would like to discuss the progress of NHA regarding interfacing with the 115th Congress, please feel free to contact Jeff Leahey, Deputy Executive Director for NHA.  If you want to discuss any other hydropower licensing concerns, please feel free to contact me or David Zayas, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Technical Services for NHA, David, Jeff and I will be attending Waterpower Week on May 1-3 in Washington D.C.

I look forward to discussing this and any other FERC Hydropower licensing related concerns you may have.

Shawn Puzen

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Shawn Puzen is the FERC Compliance and Licensing Manager for Mead & Hunt. He has a unique blend of experience as a utility industry environmental consultant well-respected by the regulatory agencies with a solid record of performance in fulfilling federal, state and local regulatory and resource requirements. He serves as the president of the Midwest Hydro Users Group and was on the Steering Committee for the 2016 and 2017 HydroVision International Conference.

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