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Honored to win

Something really cool happened this week. We won a great award. And while our company can say this many times during the course of a year, this win was particularly special.

Good leaders? Got ’em

Trial by fire. That’s how I learned to do my first proposal 12 years ago, on the second day of my employment. I didn’t even know what “RFP” stood for.

It’s getting better for new grads

Apparently, the new graduate job market is showing great improvement, the best since the economy fell in 2008.

Who would’ve guessed?

I love little-known facts. I also love getting to know new people. At work, we introduce new staff to the rest of the team by publishing a “getting to know you” column in our company newsletter.

Smoothing the rough edges

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.” – Denis Waitley

Getting our hands dirty

That’s right, we’re digging in to help. Our Spring SHARE events are kicking off. These are great opportunities for our team to get out of the office and into the local scene to make a difference. This year, that will involve a few messy projects. Awesome.

Good and green

I heard birds outside my window today. Real live birds singing away. Spring is finally gracing us with its presence.
And the timing couldn’t be better, as we enter one of my favorite weeks of the year – St. Patrick’s Day week. I have a slew of great memories about this day, but one thing I love about it now is the camaraderie. Everyone is Irish on March 17, right? Whatever separates us normally disappears when we don our green and head out to lunch seeking corned beef sandwiches and stew.

How is it fairing?

In just a few short months, universities across the country will unleash onto the professional world a new crop of graduates. All those years of studying and interning will be called upon to jumpstart a career. So in our world, that means we’ve been making the rounds at a few career fairs, meeting students hopeful for a great entry-level position or a chance to shine during a temporary summer job.

Being well is contagious

There’s some irony. But how true, right? Did you ever notice a friend or co-worker losing weight and decide you should start too? Or an acquaintance reveals they are seeing a counselor to better cope with stress, and you think, “Maybe I should consider that.”

Making the most of the snow

In life, a few things are inevitable. Like the fact that every Wisconsin winter brings with it at least one, major brutal snowfall – during the workweek, of course. At my house, we took a snow day. Kids, husband, and I used the fact that we were trapped in our home by a staggering amount of snow in the driveway to create own little adventures … movie marathons, Wii tourneys, and snow-fort building (after hours of shoveling and snow-blowing, of course).