A busy start to 2017

I’m not sure how it happened, but several holidays have passed since this blog last had airtime.

We can’t let that happen again, can we?

So here’s your official Valentine’s greetings, courtesy of our CAD/BIM team:


Besides sharing the love, our team is working hard at locations around the country. We are also studying important industry changes and pondering innovations that can help transform projects. You can read about this information in Insights.

Meanwhile, inside the company, we continue at a brisk pace.

  • We are busy hiring right now. (You should apply to one of our many open positions!)
  • We are showing up at career fairs all over the country seeking the best and brightest for summer intern positions. Come and find us at a campus near you.
  • We are getting ready to celebrate our internal award winners through a program that honors employees who have excellent mentoring skills, strong client focus, innovative ideas, and those who embody our culture.
  • The children of our employees have applied to our annual scholarship program and we will soon announce recipients.
  • Employees have applied to receive a grant to work in their local communities, applying their STEM skills to help others. We recently celebrated our first two winners – one who traveled to Armenia to help historic preservation efforts in an earthquake-ravaged area; the other applying electrical skills to improve lighting conditions for an area Humane Society.

How is 2017 treating you?

Kathy Schumann

About the Author

Kathy Schumann connects with co-workers by sharing their stories and experiences – helping employees see how they fit into the big picture of Mead & Hunt. “I have the best job. There’s a great sense of purpose helping co-workers be engaged and challenged by their work experience,” she says. When she’s not blogging, Kathy is editing e-newsletters, building the intranet and forming Mead & Hunt running teams.

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