Aviation terminal update features unique design element

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charleston-international-airport-memorial-c-300x186pxAirport terminal architectural design is unique in that it typically incorporates the image and personality of the entire community. The Charleston International Airport is in the process of completing an inspiring and thought-provoking memorial as part of the design concept for their terminal overhaul.

For this airport terminal project, my team of architects and engineers has provided program management services to the airport over the past 18 months. Mutual trust, respect and care have been a part of building this relationship. So when the tragic shootings took place at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, we wanted to support the airport in its plans to support the Charleston community.

charleston-international-airport-memorial-a-300x180pxThis desire presented an extraordinary opportunity to elevate the design plans. In my previous post, I talked about how broad program management can be, and that programs may include elements of related work outside the scope of the discrete projects. A skilled program manager recognizes those opportunities in service to the client, and the team is willing go above and beyond to get those jobs done.

The Charleston County Aviation Authority wanted the Mother Emanuel AME memorial to be accessible for the general public in addition to airport users. The display honors the nine victims who lost their lives as well as those who survived the tragedy. To further strengthen ties with the community, minority artisans from the area brought the elements of the design to life. This is one example of an unexpected project that gave us the opportunity to enhance services to our client and its community.

charleston-international-airport-memorial-b-300x204pxAnd now, that community is our community, too. We recently opened our newest office location in North Charleston, South Carolina. Our on-site aviation and transportation architects and engineers are supported by more than 550 technical staff with full-service capabilities nationwide.

We are looking forward to building on the relationships we have already developed and to the future opportunities to continue making a difference in the projects and lives of our new neighbors.

David Mason, NCARB

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David Mason, NCARB, is passionate about his work as an architect. As Group Leader of Mead & Hunt’s Architecture & Building Engineering Group, he says his job is “to take people’s ideas and turn them into art that they can live and work in.” David has always designed aviation architecture and after 25 years, he still loves it. He enjoys problem solving and can’t wait to work on his next creation. He knows he’s done a great job when clients are wowed by the final product.

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