2017 Challenge: Be an orange in an apple market

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apples-and-orange_bodyArchitecture and engineering firms oftentimes get stuck in the sea of sameness. Are you looking for a consultant that stands out like an orange among apples? Mead & Hunt, an orange in an apple industry, has expanded our transportation services to Minnesota through our Minneapolis office. As a company that looks forward to new opportunities, Mead & Hunt always dares to be different for our clients’ benefit. How can you stand out in a crowd of A/E/C firms? Challenge yourself to be an orange among apples.

Being an orange in an apple market takes a bit of hard work, a lot of industry knowledge and a willingness to take risks when others might play it safe. “Orange” companies push the limits, embrace new technologies, improve processes and realize that people are at the center of what they do. They are not afraid to be bold, be different and bring value. As Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton suggest in their book The Orange Revolution, embracing the energies and passions of employees makes working fun. Who doesn’t want to work with a company of people who love what they do?

Many companies, including Mead & Hunt, were founded on these principles and have seen great success by choosing innovation over conformity. Both of our founders, Daniel Mead and Henry Hunt, founded a company of people first, high ethics and a desire to always work to find new ways to bring value to our clients. They created a culture of simplifying processes for our clients by presenting clear and unique choices rather than providing the bare minimum.

apple-orange-slices_bodyOne recent trend is to make an “apples to apples” comparison between consulting firms. However, is comparing “apples to apples” truly the best approach to compare A/E/C firms, or is it creating a culture of conformity? Clients simplifying RFPs and consultants wanting consistent standards of evaluation help firms better meet clients’ needs. In this industry, though, being an “orange” and differentiating your firm from “apple” firms is what catches a client’s attention.

Many firms today struggle with stagnation and marginalization. At Mead & Hunt, we dare to be different…join us if you’re ready to provide projects and customer service that go beyond the apple level of service. Be an orange! We understand what differentiates us and how to listen to our clients to deliver exceptional projects. Embrace employees’ energy, and have fun doing the work you love. No matter how you slice it, your clients will clearly see your passion, and your firm will stand out as an orange among apples.

Apples are great, don’t get me wrong, but oranges are way better.


Ben DzoibaAbout the Author

Ben Dzioba, PE, PMP, DBIA leads the Minnesota transportation market for Mead & Hunt. He works on all types of engineering projects and the development and implementation of quality management. He has worked with a variety of clients, including the Minnesota Department of Transportation, local agencies and contractors and knows what makes an A/E/C firm stand out.

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